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2017 foals are already reserved. It is still time to reserve an in utero foal for 2018 and save $500 !

We are thinking about breeding Ankti, Kaloo and, perhaps, Lady to Hélios for a 2018 foal. If such a baby will tempt you, just let us know!

All our foals are for sale and can be in utero reserved. At birth, prices vary between $6500 and $8000, according to pedigree, conformation, aptitude and horsenality!

Prices are in Canadian dollars and include DNA test, Registration papers, Transfer of Ownership, up-to-date farrier, worming and vaccine shots.
All our foals are for sale and can be reserved in utero . Price does not includes GST and PST (for Canadian customers only).
Please, see our prices and sales policies.

If you want to watch the birth of one of our foal, you just need to click on this link : WELCOME BABY ! or there to watch Chazaam's birth
And if you want to see some of the cutiest foals ever: CLICK HERE l

2017 FOALS




Hélios x Luna

Namaspamoos HAMALUNA
Luna x Hélios

ICHO/NACHR pending

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North American Curly / sport or versatile type
Gender: filly
Color: Palomino Sabino
Date of Birth: May 12th, 2017
Expecting Height: +/-15,3HH

After the gorgeous Luna's Chumani and Hélys, we are so happy to welcome this healthy, tall and so sweet new filly! Hélios and Luna have done an other very good work!

Like her sister, Hamaluna is very curious and friendly. She has already discovered how nice it is to be cuddled by gentle humans :)

She looks so much like a feminine version of her sire, Hélios, at birth! Minus the curls and tobiano. She is just perfect!





échographie Lady

Namaspamoos Hozalee de Insy
Insy x Hélios

ICHO/NACHR pending

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North American Curly / sport or versatile type
Barn Name : HOZALEE
Gender: filly
Color: chestnut sabino
Date of Birth: May 25th, 2017
Expecting Height: +/- 15,2 HH ?

First baby for Insy by Hélios! As all previous babies of both these lovely parents were amazing, we can't expect less for this new wee one. Hozalee is such a beautiful, elegant filly. With very usefull looooong legs she is already using a lot!



2015 FOALS




échographie Luna

Namaspamoos Hélys de Luna
Luna x Hélios


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North American Curly / sport or versatile type
Barn Name: Hélys
Gender: filly
Color: bucksin dun sabino dun
Date of Birth: June 9, 2015
Expecting Height: 15,2HH/15,3HH
She is living now in her new family in Mont-Laurier (Québec).

After the gorgeous Luna's Chumani , Luna strikes again with this sweet filly with lots of chrome!

Hélys is a friendly, curious and bold filly! She possesses curls soft as silk and she is litteraly a walking teddy bear!

Hélys looks a lot like her dam, with some nice refinement coming from her sire side.

With Fée, her half-sister, she will come galoping to welcome visitors and begging for cuddle.





échographie Lady

Namaspamoos Fée Lady d'Hélios
Lady x Hélios


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North American Curly / sport or versatile type
Barn Name : Fée ("Fairy")
Gender: filly
Color: bay tobiano (and sabino? DNA will tell).
Date of Birth: July 2, 2015
Expecting Height: +/- 16 HH (dam is 16.2 HH and sire is 16 HH)
Fée has moved to France where she has joined the herd of Les Plans des Grés' farm.

Fée was a huge new born and she is still very tall, growing like a weed. She possesses the long and elegant legs of her sire, with floating, extend gaits. Her dam gave her additional built and both her parents gave her their soft eyes and kind spirit, even if Fée is a true princess!

2014 FOALS



photo Chimo et Harmony

Namaspamoos Chaïli d'Harmony
Harmony x Chimo

ICHO/NACHR pending, CSI & ABCR eligible

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North American Curly / sport or versatile type
Barn Name: Chaïli
Gender: filly
Color: chestnut rabicano
Date of Birth: April 29th, 2014
Expecting Height: around 15,2 HH
Chaïli lives a happy life with lots of Curly friends in Germany
Price: $7000

What a nice and sweet filly Harmony gave us! Chaïli is a curious, bold, tall and a cutie. She will welcome you with lots of kisses and she looooves to be cuddle and nicely scratched. And she was like this since her birth. We are in love..

Chaïli means «my gift»...

Chronos, her big brother born in 2010, is such a nice and sweet fellow that we were hoping for the same an we got the full package!

You can see a lot of Chaïli's pictures on her album (click the blue button below her pic, on the left) or on our FaceBook page (look for Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos). She is 3 weeks old on that photo.

Chaïli left us for Germany in April 2015.






photo Hélios et Lady

Namaspamoos Eitou d'Hélios
Lady x Hélios

eligible ICHO/NACHR & CSI

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North American Curly / sport or versatile type
Barn Name: EITOU (Ey-tu)
Gender: male
Color: chestnut sabino
Date of Birth: he is an April Foal! (April 1st, 2014)
Expecting Height:

This baby was huge and wearing proudly the stamp of his daddy: tall, elegant, curious, we were so pleased by this wonderful baby who was going to spread his blood-line in France.

It is with sadness that we announce the death of the wonderful and magnificient Eïtou. A stupid and tragic accident, he got hurt when he was having one of his fun and joyful gallops with his friends... Farewell Eïtou. Thy your merry gallop illuminate Horses' Heaven. If you see a rainbow in the sky today, think about him.


List of Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos' Foals :
(foals born by our stallions, but out of outside mares are not listed)

2017 babies...

*Insy x Hélios (reserved)

*Namaspamoos Hamaluna

2015 Foals

*Namaspamoos Hélys de Luna
*Namaspamoos Fée Lady d'Hélios

2014 Foals
*Namaspamoos Eitou d'Hélios
*Namaspamoos Chaïli d'Harmony

2011 Foals
*Namaspamoos Chumani de Luna
Namaspamoos Hazelle de Onni
Namaspamoos Chronos de Harmony

2010 Foals
*Namaspamoos Chaïma d'Adelita

2009 Foals
Namaspamoos Adana Passion
Namaspamoos Akilédou Passion
*Namaspamoos Camino de Nymph
Namaspamoos Chingko de Jolie
*Namaspamoos Baabul d'Insy
*Namaspamoos Basaashka
Namaspamoos Picola de Selka
Namaspamoos Pimbina de Cachou
*Namaspamoos Vegas Marama
*Namaspamoos Inouï de JAK
*Namaspamoos Hélios de Sally

2008 Foals
*Namaspamoos Chazaam Jolie
*Namaspamoos Pirouette
*Namaspamoos Pistache
*Namaspamoos Pitchoune

2007 Foals
*Namaspamoos Chandana
*Namaspamoos Canada
*Namaspamoos Indigo Passion
*Namaspamoos Bohem de Nazca

2006 Foals
*Namaspamoos P Azarah
*Namaspamoos Folie d'Equinoxe
*Namaspamoos Bise de Sedna
*Namaspamoos B Baktalo

2005 Foals
*Namaspamoos C Zapaloo

2004 Foals
*Namaspamoos C Soukyna
*Namaspamoos C F'Onni
Namaspamoos Lulaj
*Namaspamoos C Alya
*Namaspamoos C Nymo .
*Namaspamoos C Bibouk .
*Namaspamoos C Pépétéo .
*Namaspamoos C Tibé

2003 Foals
*Namaspamoos Kaloo
*Namaspamoos C T'Chifa
*Namaspamoos Sora Blue
*Namaspamoos Katmae
Namaspamoos Passion Disadré


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