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Price includes Registration papers, Transfer of Ownership, up-to-date farrier, worming and vaccine shots.


If you don't find here the Curly of your dreams, please contact us. We work on partnership with good reputation breeders and we would be glad to help you. Note that all our horses are available for sale to the right home and the right price. We care about finding the best for ever home for each of our "babies".

All our 2017 foals are already reserved. It is time to book a 2018 baby (three are planned). CONTACT US TO DISCUSS WHAT ARE YOUR NEEDS AND PREFERENCES, AND WE WILL CHOOSE TOGETHER THE BEST PARENTS FOR THE CURLY FOAL OF YOUR DREAMS!

Delivery: Regardless of the place of residence of the buyer (Canada, U.S.A., Europe, etc.), Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos offers its assistance to organize the transportation and delivery of the horse. Since there are very few Curlies in the world, it is usual procedure to organize their trip across our vast lands. We ship also to Europe and you will be surprised by the shipping prices that we can offer! Let us assist you and help you to benefit from our network of contacts.

MARES (you can always check on the Mares' Page also)


Expected Foal?

Namaspamoos Hazelle d'Onni

Dam: Namaspamoos C F'Onni (Onni)
Sire : WK Harley D

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North American Curly / Sport Type
Barn name: HAZELLE
Gender: mare
Color: dark sooty buckskin
Date of birth: May 20, 2011
Actual height: 15,3 HH, still growing expect 16+HH
Sold! Congrats to Sabrina!

A first baby for our beautiful Onni... and what sire we have chosen for that foal! Harley is the son of our Premium mare Harmony and the well known Warmblood stallion Sempatico... Harley is also Hélios' sire, so we have a good idea of the quality he can produce. Then Hazelle combines two of the best linages: Chimo's by her dam' side and Harmony's by her sire' side.

Hazelle is huge, feminine, elegant and stunning ! Hazelle is a Smooth Coat with hair soft as silk, still very hypo-allergenic (we still have to meet someone who will react eventually to Hazelle as none of our visitor had any allergic reaction). Hazelle is curious, sweet and flamboyant!

Hazelle possesses such a nice "horsenality". She belongs very well with everyone. She likes to play as much as she likes to cuddle. She has a solid ground training and some tricks we taught her to keep her mind busy. We play also to get in and out the trailer, hand-walk on trail, get over all kind of obstacles, climb pedestals... She is now under saddle and she is just wonderful!

If you want to see pictures of her birth and - if you read French - read the story of her birth, you can visit our blog at

If your are looking for a stunning, flashy mover sport horse type with the puppy temperament of Curlies, Hazelle should be your dream equine partner!




Ankti's Pictures

*GMC Andrea's ANKTI
ABCR & CSI eligible

*Tall Trees Misty's Beau ICHO/NACHR#352-D x *UB Raggae Babe ABC 2185

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North American (Bashkir) Curly / versatile horse type

Barn name: ANKTI
Color: buckskin sabino
Date of birth: September 8, 2010
Height: 15,2 HH
Status: On training. Available for breeding with Hélios.

Ankti is born at Green Mountains Curlies, in Vermont. She joined us in July 2013.

Ankti is a very lovable mare, sticky as a piece of scoth-tape, sweet, curious and, sometimes, mischievous! She is an "in your pocket" kind.

We started all the basic ground work with her and she is learning very fast. This summer will be dedicated to her saddle training, with lots of new experiences and pony games! Ankti possesses a strong horsenality and only positive reinforcement works with her.

Ankti is a very cute, elegant and well balanced mare, with lovely movements and nice conformation.




Zarah's Picture


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North American Curly

Barn name: AZARAH
Sex: mare
Color: bay.
Day of birth: March 27, 2006.
Height: 15,3HH
Status: SOLD! Congrats to Michèle and her family, in Switzerland!

Years ago, Azarah impressed us by how fast and how early she got up at birth, then how quickly she found the milk bar open... Very curious, vocal and a quick learner, Azarah was also a very, very beautiful filly. Her temperament reminds us a lot of both her big sisters, Kaloo and Soukyna, but she is taller than them as her sire is our big black guy, Passion.

Azarah is a well trained mount who can be lazy in the arena when she is ridden by a beginner. She possesses more stamina and "go" on trail. She is sweet, gentle, love to cuddle, but she possesses also that so well known Curly' strong mind of her own, which means she will prefer to graze than work if you let her choose !

We bought back Azarah in April 2013, years after we had sold her as a weanling. She needed some basic ground training (how to be polite and not pushy), but all her good manners came back very quicky once she realized it was the rule here (wink)

Under saddle, she is curious, easy, sometimes spooky in the woods, but less than most "regular" horses. We did all kind of things with her and we had great fun. With time, we think she could be a very nice successor to Harmony who will be retired soon. But if the right family is interested in her, we will probably let her go.


Namaspamoos Adana Passion
CSI S05526-09

Dam: RR Adelita Rose
Sire: Namaspamoos Passion Disadré

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North American Curly / sport or versatile type
Barn name: Adana
Gender: mare
Coat Color: black sabino rabicano
DOB: March 27th, 2009
Height: around 15,1 HH
Sold! Congrats to Isabelle, in France!
Price: negotiable to the right home

This Adelita's and Passion's second baby is as beautiful as her full sister Azarah, but in a different kind of shape. We can see her part Canadian/Friesian heritage there! When she moves, Adana IS elegance, with elevated and floating gaits and tons of presence. When is just relaxing in her pasture, she transforms herself on a large, mellow sweet-heart. She possesses a sheer presence and outstanding carriage.

Adana was bought at birth by a young lady who is performing dressage and Adana was her dream come true. Sadly, Life is not always like we want to and this lady was not able to keep her, so we took her back "home" even if she never had to leave us as she was on boarding here too.

Adana possesses a straight coat and she is still hypo-allergenic, but not as much as other of our horses. She possesses a thick mane and tail and her sabino markings put a lots of chrome on this already flashy girl.

Adana is green-broke and still on training. She loves going on trail and she will go through all obstacles. But she does not like being in box-stall or working in an arena (too boring!) She is the kind that must work four times a week to be in the best shape, physical and mental.

Adana has a more sensitive soul than most Curlies. She has a lot of "go", but she is a quick and easy learner and all she wants is to please her human. She loves to cuddle and she can act like a diva (which we think she is, actually !) She IS a sport horse type and temperament, with great dispositions especially for dressage.

We hope you will enjoy her photos (click on the "Photos" blue button below her pic on the left).




Nymo's Picture

ABC 3356

*Tall Trees Nymph x *Chimo

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North American Curly

Barn name: NYMO
Sex: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Day of birth: May 29, 2004
Height: 14,3 HH (to be checked)
On duty at Équi-Sens where is doing what he is the best at: loving humans in needs.

Nymo is a very sweet guy who just came back to us after close to 10 years with his other human family who can't keep him anymore. We are looking for new wonderful family for him. Nymo is the "Teddy Bear" style guy; he possesses a golden heart and a kind soul in a well built conformation, big bones, big feet... big strong head! Nymo just loves humans, especially little kids and he is not afraid when 30 of them surrounded him to touch and pet him!

Nymo is an extreme Curly type. That means he will eventually shed his mane and top of tail yearly. It means also that he is hightly hypoallergenic.

Nymo is well trained under saddle and he possesses good ground manners.He is an easy going sweet guy, ready to find his new for ever family.

A true Curly, Nymo needs to be handle with love. He needs to use his brain (he is a very smart boy) and he is not confortable around rough people. He is really willing to please and try his best to reach your soul.


Expected Foal?

Namaspamoos CHRONOS d'Harmony
CSI & ABCR eligible

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North American Curly / type sport or versatile
Barn name: CHRONOS
Gender: gelding
Color: Bay
Date of birth: August 31st, 2011
Expecting: 15.3+ HH, still growing...
Status: Sold! Congratulations to Larin!
Price: $8500 till June 20, 2015, then her price will increase accordingly to her saddle training advancement.

Chronos is out of Harmony - an outstanding First Premium Mare at CSI inspection; she is not only beautiful, she is sweet and kind (yes, we LOVE her!) Harmony always produced wonderful babies and Chronos proved she was still doing it - by Chimo who is our senior stud on the sire of a lot of great Curlies...

Chronos is a curious, strong, bold, tall and funny colt. When his new owner saw him for the first time - Chronos was some days old - he said : He is perfect ! Better than my ideal dream horse ! So, no needs to tell how proud and happy we were !

Almost 3 years later, Chronos is back with us, his owner no more able to keep him.

This is what he has to say about Chronos:
"Chronos is an outstanding young horse, kind, lovable, respectful and always ready to play! His temperament made him own the nick-name of "Mr. Joe Cool". He has done some good ground work, he loads easily, ties, stands still for farrier and vet. He is not trained under saddle yet as he is too young, but he is curious about everything and love to learn.(...) He will be an excellent dressage or hunter horse, and he should be as good in competitive trail riding."

Chronos' photo album is already up and running. You just need to click on the "PHOTOS" blue button, below his pic...

Transfer of registration, up to date wormer, vaccines and farrier included in the sale price. No taxes as he is sold by a private owner.

Mister's Picture

*Willow Creek Call Me MR
ABC 2428
CSI C00644-98

*Zigahtcee D x *Ebonys Black Hawk

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North American (Bashkir) Curly

Barn name: MISTER
Color: seal brown
Date of birth: May 15, 1998
Height: 15,1 hh
Status : ridding horse Reserved.
Price: $8 000 (Canadian Funds)
or best offer for the right match.

Mister is a very sweet guy with a wonderful work ethic. He belongs well with other horses, of any genders. He is very happy in the middle of the mares’ herd… and that is probably what happens when you name a horse “Call Me Mr.” ! But Mister lives well with everyone; actually, he shares his pasture with Chimo (senior stallion), Pirate (pony stallion), Taz (gelding) and the baby guys, with no problem at all.

You can see here the foals he had before being gelded...

Mister is a very well trained gelding (English dressage) that we use essentially on trail and as a school horse. He is for the intermediate/good level rider. He wants so much to please his rider that he can be somewhat insecure at first by not knowing/understanding what that new rider wants. Once all cues are clear and with a confident rider, he is the best mount ever. Very powerful, elegant and flashy, we would love to see him somewhere he will be work on a very regular basis (Mister loves work. He gets bored easily when he is not worked. But he loves also to just be groomed and pet by his favorite human...)

On trail, Mister would prefer to have a more experienced rider, not because he is difficult to handle, but because he likes to trot, canter and gallop! But he will go walking quietly if we ask him and he gets on well with other ridden horses, those who are strangers to him. We have taken him to unknown places with more than 20 horses unknown to him without any problem.

During Summer time and when weather permits, Mister is daily trained as he demonstrated that he loves to work and to do much more than just trail riding. This guy loves attention and he loves to show off, so time will tell if we made the right choice for him by offering him for sale!

YOUNG STOCK (colts & fillies)



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