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You will find here direct links to all our pictures pages, plus some new photos albums that will be updated on a regular basis. With time, we will add new pages about our Ranch's life and evenments...
You will find here links to hundreds of pictures. Enjoy!



*Namaspamoos HÉLIOS de Sally stallion at stud.
*Okesmuir CHIMO, ex-senior stallion at stud, happily retired.
Namaspamoos PASSION Disadré ex-stallion, gelded

BOYS who have a new family...

*Willow Creek Call Me MR (MISTER)
*Western Topaz (TAZ) works in Equitherapy
*Namaspamoos Akilédou Passion
*Namaspamoos Chingko de Jolie
*Namaspamoos Camino de Nymph
*Namaspamoos Baabul d'Insy
*Namaspamoos Chronos d'Harmony
*Tall Trees Beau-Nanza, stallion at stud in Switzerland.
*The Pirate EB, stallion at stud in Neitherlands
*Namaspamoos C Nymo works in Equitherapy
*Namaspamoos C Bibouk
*Namaspamoos C Pépétéo
*Namaspamoos C Tibé
*Namaspamoos C Zapaloo
*Namaspamoos B Baktalo
*Namaspamoos Canada
*Namaspamoos Flo de Nanza
*Namaspamoos Tongka
*Namaspamoos Indigo Passion
*Namaspamoos Bohem de Nazca
*Jondra Gold Digger (Dagobert) in England
*Whirlwind Zack Attack
*Tall Trees Renegade
*Namaspamoos INOUÏ de Jak at stud in France

Those who crossed the Rainbow Bridge...

*RR Moonlight LADY
*The Austin Dun (AUGUSTINE)
*Tall Trees NYMPH
*Namaspamoos EÏTOU d'Hélios
*Namaspamoos C T'CHIFA
Namaspamoos CHOUIYA
*Namaspamoos CHAÏMA d'Adelita
*Curly SALLY

Games !

Boys at play 1 (Passion and Nanza)
At play 2 (Passion and Nanza and their kids!)
Mister in snow (February 2008)
Nanza & Pirate at play ! (March 2008)
Chazaam plays with Frimoos (November 2011)
Chazaam plays with Frimoos (January 2012)

Portraits, Fun and Smiles !

Smiles 1
Smiles 2
Smiles 3
Nap time
Friends 1
Friends 2
Snow 1
Adelita: silly time!
Snow Storm
Head Shots
Cute Foals Portraits

The Ranch Namaspamoos

Aerial views (2003)
Aerial views, 3 years later ! (2006)
Us !
Some Winter views
Our new outdoor arena
Autumn views: Curly horses in the mist
Autumn views: The geese.
Autumn views: Insy and the Colors
Isabelle with some of her babies (narcissic crisis !)



Namaspamoos HOPLAVIE de Ankti
*Oakesmuir Insparation (INSY)
*Prairie Hawk Moondance (LUNA)
*Namaspamoos CHANDANA
*Namaspamoos KALOO
Namaspamoos PITCHOUNE
*GMC Andrea's ANKTI

GIRLS who have a new family...

*Namaspamoos HAZELLE d'Onni
Namaspamoos HAMALUNA de Luna
Namaspamoos HOZALEE de Insy
*Namaspamoos P AZARAH in Switzerland
*Namaspamoos ADANA Passion in France
*Namaspamoos FÉE Lady D'Hélios in France
*Namaspamoos HÉLYS de Luna in Mont-Laurier, QC
*RR ADELITA Rose happily retired in Mont-Laurier, QC
*BB HARMONY happily retired in Mont-Laurier, QC
*Namaspamoos C SOUKYNA in France
*Namaspamoos C ALYA in France
*Namaspamoos C ONNI in PA, USA
Ranch-L Magic Josée (JOLIE) in Drummondville, QC
*Namaspamoos CHAZAAM Jolie in Beauce, QC
*Namaspamoos PISTACHE
Namaspamoos PIMBINA de Cachou in Mont-Laurier, QC
Namaspamoos PICOLA de Selka in PA, USA
*Namaspamoos CHUMANI de Luna in France
*Namaspamoos SELKA in France
Namaspamoos CACHOU in Estrie, QC
*Namaspamoos Folie d'ÉQUINOXE in Quebec, QC
*Namaspamoos SORA Blue in Waterville, QC
*Namaspamoos KATMAE in Le Bic, QC
Namaspamoos LULAJ in QC
*BNC Ellaree's BUTTERFLY in England
*Ghost's BLUE Skye in Gaspésie, QC
*WCC AMIE in Germany
*WCC GEM in Germany
*Prairie Hawk Cypress Wind (Windy) in France
*Namaspamoos Désirée
*Namaspamoos Bise de SEDNA in Carette, QC
*Jondra DMC Priscilla (Pritcha) in France
Namaspamoos PIROUETTE in Belgium
*Namaspamoos Basáashka in QC
*Namaspamoos Végas MARAMA in France

Special Events

A Curly foal being born (Equinoxe)
Chazaam's Birth
A Curly foal being born (Sedna)
Open House 2004
A Curly mare at the Elementary School !
When Chinese people meet Curlies...
Curlies on the Television
When Curlies travel by plane...
Zootherapy... horse at work !

Our best wishes to you, years after years...

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Greetings 2014
Greetings 2013
Greetings 2012
Greetings 2011
Greetings 2010
Greetings 2009
Greetings 2008
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