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If you want to watch the birth of one of our foal, you just need to click on this link : WELCOME BABY ! or there to watch Chazaam's birth
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2019 FOALS

Hélios x Luna

Namaspamoos HÉCLYPSE de Luna
Luna x Hélios

ICHO/NACHR pending & CSI eligible

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North American Curly / sport ou versatile type
Gender: colt
Color: buckskin sabino (to be DNA tested)
Date of Birth: March 25, 2019
Expecting Height: probably 15.3+HH (160 cm)
Status: Not for sale

After the beautiful Chumani, Hélys and Hamaluna, we were very pleased to welcome Luna's and Hélios' only male offspring!

Héclypse is name after his parents, the encounter of the God of Sun (Hélios) and the divine Luna, and because these two celestial bodies left their mark on his forehead :)

He is a tall sweetheart, curious, smart and very easy to handle. Pics available on his album.




Hélios x Luna

Namaspamoos HALINA de Insy
Insy x Hélios

ICHO/NACHR & CSI eligible

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North American Curly / sport ou versatile type
Barn Name: HALINA
Gender: Female
Color: Bay Tobiano
Date of Birth: May 22, 2019
Expecting Height: +/- 15.3 HH (160 cm)

An other gigantic stunning filly for the happy couple! This Hozalee's full sibling possesses the same loooong legs, pretty feminine fac, kind eyes. She is only 2 weeks old, but we can witness that she is curious, bold and active! She already love to jump small ditches and fool around. She is also Helixir "partner in crime". Stay tuned for more info!




Hoplavie's pictures

Namaspamoos HELIXIR Chandana Juice
Chandana x Hélios

ICHO/NACHR & CSI eligible

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North American Curly / sport ou versatile type
Barn Name: HELIXIR
Gender: male
Color: all white but an orange spot on the forehead. Waiting for DNA color results
Date of Birth: May 11, 2019
Expecting Height: +/- 15 HH (152 cm)

First baby out of Chandana and Hélios and first Chandana's baby ever, what a surprise this almost all white baby (but an orange spot high on the forehead) is! He looks like an old Arab type foal with strong but delicate feature, short back, elegant set head.

Helixir is bold, curious, very friendly, "in your pocket" (we call him "velcro") type.




2018 FOALS


Hoplavie's pictures

Namaspamoos HOPLAVIE de Ankti
Ankti x Hélios

ICHO/NACHR pending & CSI eligible

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North American Curly / sport ou versatile type
Gender: filly
Color: Buckskin Sabino (DNA Tested: AA, Ee, CR/n, SB1/n)
Date of Birth: May 28th, 2018
Expecting Height: +/-15,3HH
Status: Sold.

Beautiful, tall, curious, both affectionate and independent, Hoplavie is aptly named: she is brimming with vitality! She also has her moments of tenderness and quietude. As she was the only baby of 2018, she is used to being the center of interest of all and considers all members of the herd - two or four legged - as being her friends, if not her subjects, because little missie sometimes behaves like a princess! Photos available on his album. We can not wait to see her shed, because her coat color changes a lot. Hard to guess that she has a bay base when looking at the pictures of her first few months. But the black appears in her mane, slowly.




2017 FOALS



Hélios x Luna

Namaspamoos HAMALUNA
Luna x Hélios


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North American Curly / sport or versatile type
Gender: filly
Color: Palomino Sabino
Date of Birth: May 12th, 2017
Expecting Height: +/-15,3HH

After the gorgeous Luna's Chumani and Hélys, we are so happy to welcome this healthy, tall and so sweet new filly! Hélios and Luna have done an other very good work!

Like her sister, Hamaluna is very curious and friendly. She has already discovered how nice it is to be cuddled by gentle humans :)

She looks so much like a feminine version of her sire, Hélios, at birth! Minus the curls and tobiano. She is just perfect!





échographie Lady

Namaspamoos Hozalee de Insy
Insy x Hélios


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North American Curly / sport or versatile type
Barn Name : HOZALEE
Gender: filly
Color: chestnut sabino
Date of Birth: May 25th, 2017
Expecting Height: +/- 15,2 HH ?

First baby for Insy by Hélios! As all previous babies of both these lovely parents were amazing, we can't expect less for this new wee one. Hozalee is such a beautiful, elegant filly. With very usefull looooong legs she is already using a lot!




List of Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos' Foals :
(foals born by our stallions, but out of outside mares are not listed)

2019 Foals
*Namaspamoos Halina de Insy
*Namaspamoos Heclypse de Luna
*Namaspamoos Helixir Chandana Juice

2018 Foals
*Namaspamoos Hoplavie de Ankti

2017 Foals
Namaspamoos Hamaluna de Luna
Namaspamoos Hozalee de Insy

2015 Foals

*Namaspamoos Hélys de Luna
*Namaspamoos Fée Lady d'Hélios

2014 Foals
*Namaspamoos Eitou d'Hélios
*Namaspamoos Chaïli d'Harmony

2011 Foals
*Namaspamoos Chumani de Luna
Namaspamoos Hazelle de Onni
Namaspamoos Chronos de Harmony

2010 Foals
*Namaspamoos Chaïma d'Adelita

2009 Foals
Namaspamoos Adana Passion
Namaspamoos Akilédou Passion
*Namaspamoos Camino de Nymph
Namaspamoos Chingko de Jolie
*Namaspamoos Baabul d'Insy
*Namaspamoos Basaashka
Namaspamoos Picola de Selka
Namaspamoos Pimbina de Cachou
*Namaspamoos Vegas Marama
*Namaspamoos Inouï de JAK
*Namaspamoos Hélios de Sally

2008 Foals
*Namaspamoos Chazaam Jolie
*Namaspamoos Pirouette
*Namaspamoos Pistache
*Namaspamoos Pitchoune

2007 Foals
*Namaspamoos Chandana
*Namaspamoos Canada
*Namaspamoos Indigo Passion
*Namaspamoos Bohem de Nazca

2006 Foals
*Namaspamoos P Azarah
*Namaspamoos Folie d'Equinoxe
*Namaspamoos Bise de Sedna
*Namaspamoos B Baktalo

2005 Foals
*Namaspamoos C Zapaloo

2004 Foals
*Namaspamoos C Soukyna
*Namaspamoos C F'Onni
Namaspamoos Lulaj
*Namaspamoos C Alya
*Namaspamoos C Nymo .
*Namaspamoos C Bibouk .
*Namaspamoos C Pépétéo .
*Namaspamoos C Tibé

2003 Foals
*Namaspamoos Kaloo
*Namaspamoos C T'Chifa
*Namaspamoos Sora Blue
*Namaspamoos Katmae
Namaspamoos Passion Disadré


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