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We are located at the "3 corners" of NY, Vermont and Quebec's borders.

Small intro...

The Curly, is a rare, very rare horse... whose hair is hypoallergenic! The breed's full name is North American Curly Horse. You will find it also under the name "Bashkir Curly", which is obsolete.

The Curlies are so endearing that many call them pet horses. Their extraordinary character and natural gentleness are legendary.

The original Curly is often small and rustic in shape. We are part of a small group of breeders dedicated to breed mostly sport type Curlies, which are larger and more balanced proportionally, while conserving the marvelous qualities which make the Curly the exceptional breed it is.

Our breeding stock is carefully selected and the foals born here reflect this quality. We attach just as much importance to conformation and to gaits as to temperament and disposition. Our horses are tender-hearted athletes and all our visitors attest to it!

The Curly is at ease in all fields of equitation. Obviously, its curly coat in winter makes it stand out. However, the Curly is also robust, very curious, intelligent and docile. Its elegant looks and its learning capacity are astonishing.

If you suffer from allergies to horses, tell us at least two days in advance before your next visit so that we can make the best arrangements possible for meeting with you as we also possess one "regular" horse which is, sadly, not hypoallergenic, so we will need to put him in a separate pasture.

Contact us for more information about Curlies or for any other questions (See also, Frequently Asked Questions).

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«Hapiness often is the only thing
we can give without having it,
and we get it when we give it.»




After almost 20 years, NAMASPAMOOS is changing its vocation. We are retiring from breeding, hoping for more quality time with our beloved horses. We are keeping all our elders, we owe them a sweet and nice retirement. We will still offer our services to help you find the Curly of your dreams and to answer any question about the breed. Visitors are still welcome on appointment.

* * *

The encounter of two fabulous celestial objects (Hélios, God of Sun and majestic Luna) has produced an Héclypse! The first colt born from Luna and Hélios is born wearing both his parents' marks on his forehead... Then, a very surprising foal is born out of Chandana, an Helixir of sweetness. Finally, the majestic Halina made her appearance... Look at them on the FOALS page!

* * *

Augustine and Lady have both cross the Rainbow Bridge in 2018. We miss them...

* * *

Hoplavie, first Ankti & Hélios baby is born May 28, 2018!

* * *

Hamaluna, Hozalee and Hazelle are all living together in their loving family and Hazelle will have a foal mid-May!

* * *

NYMO has joined TAZ at Équi-Sens, where their natural gift for love, kindness and therapeutic skills will be able to operate their magic. Because they find their own hapiness by giving happiness to human in trouble...

* * *

Since April 2016, Azarah lives in Switzerland where a wonderful family has adopted her as their own four-legged daughter. Azarah has traveled with Adana and Fée, each of them living now with their own new family, both in France.

Someone has asked us where is Chaïli now. She is happily living in Germany since May 2015.

Onni & Picola are back to Province of Quebec, where they will work as equine friends for a zootherapy program! Congratulations to Christine!

* * *

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I hope you will find interesting reading, enjoy the new pictures and take a minute to send us an e-mail, even if it is just to say hello, we love to hear from you!

And if you are interested on an other perspective of our pictures, do not hesitate to visit my personal blog (which is in French, but full of photos) at





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Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos
249, Route 221 Sud, Lacolle, Qc J0J 1J0. Canada. Tel: +1 450-246-4641

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