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(the posted prices are in Canadian funds, all prices subject to change)

Our horses...

All of the horses sold by Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos are guaranteed to be in good health and free of vices, unless otherwise specified in the sales contract and therefore known and accepted by the buyer.

All of the horses raised at Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos are regularly seen by a veterinarian. They are dewormed at least with each change of season and their feet are trimmed approximately every six to eight weeks.

All of our horses including foals, know the basics of ground work :

  • They know how to walk on a lead;
  • They know how to stay tied;
  • They are good for the farrier;
  • They know how to get into a trailer;
  • They are well brought up!
Pre-purchase vet check

The pre-sale visit to the vet is paid by the buyer and encouraged by Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos.


Regardless of the place of residence of the buyer (Canada, U.S.A., Europe.), Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos offers its assistance to organize the transportation and delivery of the horse. Since there are very few Curlies in the world, it is usual procedure to organize their trip across our vast lands. Let us assist you and help you to benefit from our network of contacts !

Administrative paperwork.

The fees for registration, transfers of ownership and DNA tests are included in the sale price. The registration papers as well as the transfer of ownership certificate will be sent to the appropriate organizations as soon as the purchase costs have been paid in full. Copies will be provided with the sales contract together with a copy of the registration papers.

Technical support!

Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos promises to quickly answer any question the buyer has about the horse, provided that it can, regardless of the time elapsed since the signing of the contract. If distances allow, a representative from the Ranch could possibly travel to assist and advise the buyer in the handling of the horse.

It may be of interest for the buyer to know that Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos offers an education and training program for the horse as well as for the rider... The conditions and fees are available upon request.

Happiness is in the meadow.

Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos prides itself in placing its horses in their best interests and in the interests of the buyer and reserves the right to nullify a commitment to sell if valid doubts make us think that our horses will not be safe or properly cared for with the buyer or if we feel that the buyer does not have an adequate level of knowledge to take possession of this horse (in order to protect the physical integrity of the buyer). In such a case,
Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos will completely reimburse all deposits and will be freed of its obligations toward the buyer.

The buyer handles his horse at his own risk and Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos cannot be held responsible for any accident that happens to the buyer when he is handling his horse.

Legal guarantee

All of our sales are made in due form, by means of a legal contract respecting the laws in force in the Province of Quebec and in Canada.


Ranch Namaspamoos is a registered company (SENC) and our sales are subject to taxes :
  • GST and PST for sales to residents of Québec
  • GST for sales to residents of other provinces in Canada
  • No taxes applicable to buyers who are residents of other countries
Our registration numbers for GST and PST are indicated on all our contacts and invoices.

Prices of our horses

Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos offers advantageous purchase plan as long as 50% of a foal price is paid when the foal reaches 3 months of age. We won't refuse reasonnable offers (the right price for the right horse and for the right home!). Purchase plan is offered only to horses sold in Eastern Canada or if they stay on boarding with us till the last payment is done.

Average price of registered foals:
  • from 0-6 months = about $5500 to $7000 (in utero reservation = $500 deduction)
  • from 6 months to a year = $6500 and more
  • from 18 months to 3 year = $7500 and +
  • 3 years and more = price depends on training, etc. usually between $8000 and $15 000
  • 2 in 1 (pregnant mare) = $350 for each month of pregnancy added to base price + stud fees.
Stud fees
  • Pasture or in hand breeding, with the mare's 5 boarding days included, LFG = $1000 ($150 off if reserved before March 10th);
  • A.I. (frozen seemen only) = $1200 + courrier fees and container rental price. Not available before 2013
To see more services we offer, please look our SERVICES page


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Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos
249, Route 221 Sud, Lacolle, Qc J0J 1J0. Canada. Tel: +1 450-246-4641

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