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Portrait d'Hélios

*Namaspamoos Hélios de Sally

ICHO/NACHR 1264-D; CSI C00626-09

Dam: Curly Sally
Sire: WK Harley D




North American Curly / sport or versatile type
Barn name: Hélios
Gender: ex stallion at stud. Now gelded and "the Boss" favorite partner.
Coat Color: bay tobiano sabino (Color DNA Testing Report: AA, Ee, SB1/n, TO/n, TT (Endurance Type))
DOB: May 23, 2009
Height: 16 HH.
Progeny: 9 fillies & 3 colts.

Please note that Hélios is now retired from breeding.

Hélios is an impressive stallion, with a lot of presence and such a flashy, stunning coat color! Helios is a tall guy and he possesses nice curls all over his body. His conformation is very, very nice and well balanced. He was the kind of colt that every breeder will tell himself: "Oh my! This one is a keeper and a stallion prospect! "

So we kept this "baby" for ourselves as he is bringing new blood into our breeding program. Sally, his lovelys dam was a doll, sport-horse inspected with a Premium Mare result. Harley, his sire, is a son of Sempatico, out of Harmony (also Premium Mare), so Hélios possesses the best bloodlines, both for comformation than for the sweetest temperament.

Since then, Hélios has kept his promises to be an elegant and tall guy. He is also keeping his sweet disposition, with a big "I want to please you" personnality. He has "I am sport horse type" written all over his body and a very elegant movement, big suspension and extended trot AND DNA test showing endurance type.

Hélios bred is first mare in 2011 and a beautiful filly is born, tobiano with her daddy's loooong legs and abundant double curly mane. She is from an outside mare and her name is Hazalie. Since then, he had babies born in France and here, all fillies but one.

Hélios is available all year around. Live foal guarantee.

Have a look to his photo album and enjoy ! (click the blue "photos" button) or you can watch this video showing his evolution till his third year:

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An other video taken in March 2014, playing in the snow and the cold...

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Chimo's Picture

*Namaspamoos Chimo
CSI C000592-96

*Oakesmuir CHIMO

*Zorro x *La Pregunta

Photos Pedigree Foals


North American (Bashkir) Curly Horse \ sport horse type

Barn name: CHIMO
Color: liver chestnut rabicano; no white mark
DOB: August 12, 1996.
Height: 15 hands (152 cm)
Progeny: 11 colts & 10 fillies.

Please note that Chimo is now retired from breeding.

Suspected homozygous for hypo-allergenic gene: Until now, all his babies are hypo-allergenic!

Chimo was our senior stud. He is fully registered with ABC, ICHO and CSI registries. His babies are spread over Europe and Canada. Most of them have inherited their sire's "presence" and they are a joy to their owner.

Chimo combines grace, elegance, intelligence and stamina. All of Chimo's foals are tested hypo-allergenic; even the four that he had with mares from others breeds. No doubt that Chimo puts his mark on all of his foals crop by the quality of their conformation and their incredible disposition.

Chimo is a very sweet guy. Quick learner, he wants to please his humans, but he will be somewhat shy with strangers. He possesses a "free spirit" that we really like. Chimo his a great teacher and we have learned a lot of our saavy with his help. And Chimo is also the best baby-sitter for his foals; it is very funny to watch him taking care of a full crop of sleeping foals when their mares are quietly grazing at the other end of the pasture.

Chimo is now gelded and finally able to live full time within the herd, not only with some male friends or pregnant mares.

We had thinked about it for a while, but his bloodline is saved as he had some very exceptionnal babies; his daughters have already given him very nice "grand-child", especially in Europe. He has nothing to prove, the quality of his progeny speaks for itself. So it is time to think about a happy, quiet retired time.





Passion's Picture

Namaspamoos Passion Disadré
CSI B08506-03

Vaastra fan Us Hûs x Ranch-L Magic Josée
aka «Brave Star» and «Jolie»

Photos Pedigree Foals


Quality Sport Horse Cross (Friesian/Canadian) registered as Breeding improvement stock with Curly Sporthorses International (CSI)

Barn name: PASSION
Color: true black,no white.
DOB: April 21, 2003.
Expected height: 16,1 hands (170 cm)
Foals: 6 colts & 6 fillies

Please note that Passion is now gelded. Passion is staying with us where he will continue to be our for ever Black Prince and being ridden and used as a playmate both for humans and horses friends.

Passion's is registered with CSI as Breeding Improvement stock. Meaning his bloodlines have value to CSI to improve Curly sport horse lines. He can be inspected at a CSI inspection, but he is not eligible for CSI HOY awards. He can be the top scoring horse at the inspection however (meaning he can be the inspection site champion).

Passion is "The Dream Horse": all black, with a long double splited mane and a thick tail to the ground, this guy takes your breath away! Passion shows outstanding vitality and strength. He has boundless curiosity and he has inherited the classiness of his parents. He possesses dreamy gaits and has an excellent temperament. I told you, he is The Dream Horse!

His beauty is breathtaking and he knows it. Passion is a charmer and he uses all the seducer's tricks: he gives you very tender kisses, breathes a light and warm breath on your neck and does some mane effect to provoke an immediate addiction to him...

As when he was a foal, Passion still loves to play. He has great deal of fun with Nanza and Chimo ( see some pictures here ). His mother is the alpha mare of the herd and Passion is very aware of his status as the queen's son . However, like his mother, he is not at all aggressive with the other horses; he dominates by his sheer presence.

We began his training under saddle and he is a very attentive student who works hard to please his teacher. He learns fast and quick, always willing to go further. He is sensible with not too much sensitivity and he places all his confidence in his rider if he trust him. So you have to be his friend before thinking to be his "master" which is, anyway, the way that we use with all our horses!



Pirate's Picture

*The Pirate EB

*BNC Hobo x Coffey Grounds Red Echo

Photos Pedigree Foals



North American Curly / small pony type (very rare)

Barn name: PIRATE
Color: bay tobiano, one brown one blue eyes
DOB: May 13, 2000
Height: 46 inches which is 11,2hh or 117 cm
Foals: 2 colts, 6 fillies
Status: Sold in Europe He is living now at Jacqueline Jaspers

Up-date: As we decided to stop our ponies' breeding program, Pirate is now living in France where he will poursue his career as a one of the best small pony Curly stallion available. We will miss this little fellow, small in size, but huge in heart. We loved him as first glance and we will always love him. Best of luck to his new owner!

Pirate is one of the very few small pony type registered Curly stallion in the word. We bought him from Ellen Bancroft of Bancroft Curlies & Miniatures Horses located in Washington State. His first son, *Pirate Little Buccaneer EB was bought by Lene Jensen in Norway as a pony stud so Pirate has now some grandkids that speak Norwegian ! Bucky is now in England, head stud of a first small Curly ponies breeding program.

Pirate is a tall (very tall!) horse in a tiny pony body. He thinks that he is - at least - as tall as Passion and it is very funny to see him challenging the others big guys through the fence. Pirate is also very sweet and very wiling to please. He is not the "horse in a pocket" type and for this aspect, he looks like Chimo a lot. But when he trusts you, he works hard to please you and he will leave you do all what you want with him.

With his flashy color, his curls, his blue eye and his wonderful movement, you can't miss him when you come to the Ranch. He is the one, with his 2 girls, who take care of the back garden mowing and he is always ready for a treat, even from strangers hands!

Pirates belongs very well with the other horses. He likes to play with his buddies, Taz, Mister or Chimo even with his pony mares (the mares let him think that he is the boss, they are really sweet!)




Nanza's Picture

*Tall Trees Beau-Nanza
CSI C000593-02

*WCC Butch Cassidy x *WCC Misty Blue

Photos Pedigree Foals


North American (Bashkir) Curly Horse / versatile horse type

Barn name: NANZA
Color: buckskin tobiano extended white, halo effect, sabino
DOB: December 3, 2002.
Expected height: 15,3+/16 hands (163 cm).
Foals: 5 colt & 6 fillies, all tested to be hypo-allergenic!

Status: Sold in Europe

Up-date: We are proud to announce that Nanza is now living in Switzerland where he has been chosen to be the senior stallion of a nice new Curly breeding program !

Nanza and his favourite mare left us to France first at the end of January 2010.

It is with sour/sweet emotion that we said good-bye to our huge baby. We love him dearly, but the bound with his new owner was obvious at first sight, so we are happy to see him in such good hands.

Good luck and happy trails to all of them !

In addition to his work at Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos, HÉLIOS are available to live cover for outside mares. The price of these visits is negotiated on the basis of a private agreement.


All our stallions at stud are registered as proven stallions by:

Curly Sporthorses International (CSI)
International Curly Horse Organization/North American Horse Registry (ICHO/NACHR)
American Bashkir Curly Registry (ABCR).

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